Thursday, October 25, 2012

Gerry Leone "It Can Wait"

Thank you to District Attorney Gerry Leone who spoke to over 400 BHS students yesterday.  Joined by Superintendent Conti, Chief Kent and the Burlington Police Department, and numerous staff members DA Leone outlined the dangers of distracted driving, specifically texting and driving.

Leone addressing the crowd
Leone's "It Can Wait" campaign is sponsored by Gerry Leone's office and its partner, the Middlesex Partnerships for Youth.  "It Can Wait" is an anti-texting educational presentation which includes a documentary.  The video shows the dangers of texting and driving through real-life tragic events.  

Mr. Leone aimed to educate our students on the dangers of texting and driving.  DA Leone reiterated a message that our students hear regularly; when you make good decisions there are good consequences.  Similarly, bad decisions bring bad consequences.  Leone outlined that texting and driving (distracted driving) is one of the worst decisions you can make.  Not only will distracted driving bring bad consequences, Leone said, it can bring tragic consequences.  After viewing the video, Mr. Leone described it simply:  sad and compelling. 

Leone asked everyone to follow two simple rules.  first, keep your device out of arms reach and second, don't answer, respond, or look at your device when your vehicle is moving.  If these two rules are followed, Leone said, there won't be a problem.  At the conclusion of the presentation students and staff joined Mr. Leone in signing a pledge "I know the dangers and pledge not to text and drive".

Leone signing the pledge with students

Mr. Leone acknowledged that in this age of unprecedented technology, instant communication and instant gratification are the norm.  Leone implored the crowd though, to not become a statistic, to not think your invincible.  You may want to look and see who's calling, you may want to look and respond to a text - but it can wait.  The tragedies that come from not waiting are avoidable so make the good decisions.

In addition to his message, Gerry Leone learned about an initiative that Associate Principal Deb Deacon is undertaking.  Mr. Leone, generously offered to donate $1,000 to help Ms. Deacon create safe cases for cell phones.   When driving, your phone goes into the case and serves as a reminder to not use your phone when driving.  With Mr. Leone's support we hope to soon distribute a case to all of our student drivers.  

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