Wednesday, October 3, 2012

BHS New Staff Profile

Thank you to our school paper the Devils Advocate for creating new staff profiles.  Please join us in welcoming Ms. Deacon to the high school.

By:  Emma Hirsch, grade 9.
This year Burlington high school was privileged in an abundance of new staff members, including the associate principal position, Mrs. Deborah Deacon.She joined the staff early this past summer, coming from Wilmington High where she was the assistant principal. This was all part of the moving positions of Mr. Sullivan and Mr. Larkin. Larkin becoming the assistant superintendent and Sullivan be promoted to principal.
Associate principal’s specialize in classroom management and student behavior. Their main job is to create a positive and comfortable atmosphere for the students. Mrs. Deacon’s main passion is seeing students find their passions. She wants to be able to see the process that students take on their way to the real world. In her position Deacon teaches kids to learn from their mistakes.
Mrs. Deacon was raised in central Mass, Gardner to be specific. She was a marketing teacher in Stoneham for a good portion of her career. Even now at BHS she hopes to start a marketing program for students interested. The school had a similar program a couple years ago and Deacon is trying to bring it back. This is for students who have taken business classes and are interested in getting more involved in that field. Mr. Sullivan praises her saying, “It’s nice to have someone with different experiences. She is a great addition to the high school and is already making improvements and adding to the business department.”
Right before she came to Burlington Deacon had a job as assistant principal in Wilmington. She decided to come here because she heard the position was available, and she knew about the technology and thought that Burlington had a respect for education that she liked.
Although Deacon understands the benefits of the Ipads and the technology use for better communication, she believes that there is a time and a place for everything. In her opinion, using books and pencils still are important learning tools. Deacon herself still takes notes with pen and paper before transferring them onto electronics. another worry about technology is that students feel they have more power. She is worried that students have more courage to say potentially hurtful things that wouldn’t normally be said in person. Deacon is more comfortable with people relations, although she does support the technological advances.
Deacon is also very active in the SADD program. She is very against drinking and doing drugs. this year she will be organizing the Be Smart Project where different speakers warn students about the dangers of drugs and alcohol in a way that students can relate to and understand more. Deacons main passion is seeing kids grow up to be something great, so she doesn’t want to see students throw their potential away.
One other passion of Ms. Deacon’s is helping the special needs students have a normal high school experience. She wants them to be able to eat lunch with everyone else, have gym classes, go to football games, dances and other school activities that without the help of other students they may not otherwise do. Deacon’s hope is that every student is treated fairly because everyone has weaknesses, whether they are visible or not, and they all have special things to offer.
Outside of school Ms. Deacon is the Melrose swim coach. She has been coaching there since she hesitantly took the job fifteen years ago. When she isn’t swimming, she is coaching tennis also in Melrose where she currently lives. Also Deacon has an active role in her nieces and nephews lives. She mentions, “They are my children even if they didn’t come from me.”
Deacon hopes to spend the rest of her career here in Burlington and is excited to start the new programs and get involved with the students. She hopes to see every student grow up to be something great. Deacon believes in the potential of everyone and wants to see what students do with their lives. Mr. Sullivan praises her saying, “It’s nice to have someone with different experiences. She is a great addition to the high school and is already making improvements.”

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