Friday, September 21, 2012

Student iPad Software Update

Attention Students: 

Apple has released a new operating system for your iPad, called iOS6. This is a mandatory upgrade for student iPads, and we would ask for you to complete this by Monday (Sept 24th).

Updating to iOS is a simple and painless process: Go to your setting folder, and under the "General" section, you'll find a category called "Software Update." Press that, and then follow the prompts. This is best done over WiFi, at home, with the iPad plugged into the charger. It is best if you DO NOT plug your iPad into a computer. This update will NOT cause you to lose data on your iPad. That said, it is always best to make sure that your data is secure (via iCloud, Dropbox, GDrive, and so on) before updating.

We are also asking that you make sure you have all 4 profiles installed on your iPad. You can check for this under "Settings" and "General" at the very bottom of the page. The four profiles should be:

BPS JSS Built-in Certificate Authority
MDM Profile
Self Service Web Clip

If you are missing any or all of these, you MUST re-install them. To re-install profiles, you must be AT BHS and on our WiFi. Once there, open your browser, and enter "IT/Enroll" into the web address field. When the web page asks for a Username and Password, enter "test" for both. Any other logins that you use here will not put the proper profiles onto your iPad. Continue pressing "accept" and "next" until it tells you it's done.

In addition, it needs to be mentioned that ANY alternate browsing software is a violation of the AUP you signed when you picked up your iPad. That would include (but not be limited to) Google Chrome, the Google Search app, Opera, Safari, and so on. Make sure to remove those if you have them installed.

We will begin spot checking iPads starting next week for the conditions that are listed above. If you need help in any of the above actions, please see the Help Desk.

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