Tuesday, July 10, 2012

iPad Distribution For Incoming 9th Graders (Class of 2016)

iPad Distribution for incoming 9th graders will be on the following days: 8/13, 8/14, 8/15, & 8/20. We have created a schedule that has options for families to come during both morning and evening times on these 4 days. You can click on the button below to register for one of the sessions.  If you cannot make one of the scheduled times, please stay tuned for more options as we approach our first day for students on September 4.

Ticketing Software by TicketLeap

Please make note of a few reminders for when you report to your assigned session:
  • The session will be approximately one hour.  Families need to commit to stay for the entire session - please plan accordingly.  Please arrive early and remember to bring your ticket receipt from the registration process.
  • Families are responsible for insuring their iPads in case it is lost, stolen, damaged, etc.  You can review the different options available to you here.  Insurance information cannot be finalized until families are on site and have their iPad with serial number.
  • All students must have an Itunes Apple ID before they come.  For information on setting up an Apple ID visit this link.

Please check back for updates to this process.  If you should have any questions please contact the high school or feel free to make a comment below.

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