Monday, July 9, 2012

BHS Students Summer in Spain With Señora Dacey

This summer 13 BHS students and 1 Wilmington High School student are spending two weeks studying abroad in Salamanca, Spain with BHS Spanish teacher Señora Dacey.  Students experience first hand the Spanish language and culture by living with host families and attending the Colegio Delibes language school in a city located about two and half hours northwest of Spain´s capital, Madrid.  While abroad, students attend grammar and conversation classes and participate in excursions to Madrid, Segovia, Avila, La Alberca, and La Peña de Francia.  Other cultural activities include tours of cathedrals, the Real Madrid soccer stadium, the Prado Museum, and the prestigious University of Salamanca.

To follow Señora Dacey and her students Summer in Spain, visit their blog

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