Friday, June 15, 2012

Leaving The Principalship - Transition Step 1 - Goodbye @bhsprincipal

New BHS Principal Mark Sullivan (right) took over @bhsprincipal Twitter Account Today
It has been a week since my new position was announced and I am still wrapping my head around the idea that I will not be the Principal of Burlington High School next year.  Don't get me wrong, I am thrilled at the opportunity to take on the role of Assistant Superintendent and continue to work in such a supportive educational community. However, a part of me is a bit saddened to be leaving the best job I have ever had.  Working with the students, staff, parents, and community members at Burlington High School has been a true pleasure.   In five years, there has never been a day that I did not look forward to driving to work.  All I can say is...Thank You!

Having said this, I am quite optimistic about the fact that I will continue to point my car in the direction of Burlington each morning and expand my work within the Burlington Public School in an effort to support a greater number of students, staff, parents, and community members. Preparing for this endeavor, I will have a few initial actions in my transition plan. Step one took place today as I turned over the reigns of the bhsprincipal Twitter account to BHS Associate Principal Mark Sullivan. 

I look forward to chronicling more on this transition in the days ahead. Stay tuned next week, as I turn over the BHS Principal's blog and start to develop a new blogging space for my new role....Have a great weekend! 

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  1. Congratulations. I look forward to hearing your new insights as a Asst. Sup.