Monday, June 18, 2012

iPads May Go Home For Summer - Families Choose

Underclassmen have the option of keeping their Ipads over the summer or turning them in to us to hold until the fall.  If students return their iPads for the summer, they should drop them off to a staff member at the help desk (Mr. Calvin or Mr. Marcinek).

However, please take note that Burlington High School will continue to filter the device over the summer through the Lightspeed Systems Filtering App. Parents need to be aware that if students remove the Lightspeed App or install an alternate browser then they may have unfiltered internet access (depending on the filtering on the wireless network they utilize).

Regardless of which option families choose, please remember that the Worth Ave. Group Insurance Policies are good for one year, so the date you must renew is dependent on when you picked up your iPad and enrolled for the insurance.

If you have any qestions, please see me, Mr. Larkin, or a member for the help desk.

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  1. Great article on teen behavior online which raises a few concerns on how to access the teen's ipads.