Sunday, June 17, 2012

Ditching Traditional Textbooks The Goal For Digital Publication Collaborative At BHS

For the second year in a row, we are hosting educators from all over New England for the Massachusetts Digital Publication Collaborative. We started this event last summer in an effort to bring together educators and support them in the transition away from traditional textbooks.

We believe that educators can find more engaging materials among the countless free resources available on-line. We are excited to provide the space and the support as over 500 teachers from around New England come to BHS for three days to do this exciting work.

Here's The Link For The MA Digital Publication Website:

Learn, share, curate, and create with over 500 educators from across New England.
Check out the event site for more information.


  1. Mr. Larkin, I'm a teacher in Southern Indiana. I would like to know what program or website your English teachers use for novels. We are transitioning to 1:1 next year and we are worried about finding novels for our students. Can you provide any help? Thank you, Mrs. Deidre Laker.

  2. Could you send your reply to! Thanks.