Monday, June 4, 2012

BEF Grant Allows BHS Students To Collaborate With Professional Sculptor Willliam Duffy

Due to the generosity of the Burlington Education Foundation, BHS students had the opportunity to work with Nationally recognized artist and alumnus William Duffy. Duffy, a member of the BHS Class of 1971, created the sculpture that now resides in the main lobby of Burlington High School.  Last week, Mr. Duffy collaborated with Art and History students as a guest artist in residence.  Students learned about the process of creating a public sculpture, and then made their own sculptures. In addition, they generated ideas that Mr. Duffy will use to create a future sculpture for the empty pedestal outside of Burlington High School. The sculpture will represent aspects of the identity of the community.

Thanks to Mrs. Chang for chronicling the work of Artist in Residence William Duffy and our students last week on the BHS Sculture Project. 

Check out the great photos from last week below!

William Duffy Residency – Day 1:
Today Mr. Duffy came to school and spoke with Art and History students about his sculptures. He showed examples of his work and discussed the process of art making with the students. 

Mr. Duffy showed a commission for an elementary school. He discussed the process of creating the sculpture and how he sat with students who gave the input on the content for the sculpture. 

He explained the sculpting process and how a model is sculpted and then turned into a bronze sculpture. Here are his images from the creation of the ” Clinton 12″ (below). 

William Duffy Residency - Day 2

Friday over 80 students Art and History students worked with artist William Duffy. It was a pleasure to watch as students created a clay portrait of a classmate. Students were actively engaged in the art making process.

History teacher, Joyce Carey sculpted alongside her students.

William Duffy and BHS Art Educator Joanne Vigneau ( both BHS graduates) demonstrate clay techniques to students. 

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