Friday, May 25, 2012

What would you put on the empty pedestal outside the main entrance of your school?

Mrs. Chang's students are working on a project to fill the empty pedestal outside our main entrance . You can follow all the activity as we begin a collaborative project with BHS grad and professional sculptor William Duffy. Check out the first blog post below.

From The Newest BHS Blog - The BHS Sculpture Project:

Originally this was the home of William Duffy’s sculpture ” Youth”. Over time the sculpture started to deteriorate and was moved inside of the school. Artist and alumni William Duffy is returning as a guest artist in residence to work with you to create the ideas for a NEW sculpture for the empty pedestal. What do you think should be on the pedestal?



  1. Hi,
    Okay... maybe on that pedestal, I would put a statue of an athlete running, jumping or "making a move."
    Mr. Chiocca

  2. (BHS '08 Alum) I remember doing a story on this mysterious pedestal my senior year, and it was the Naked Statue in the foyer, correct? Perhaps something similar to the original "Youth" but less naked and more symbolic, maybe (and this is a random idea I just thought of) but a variation on the Thinking Man statue since it's a place of learning? I don't know but I'm glad that something is getting done with that pedestal, I just hope it's made out of stronger materials than the original statue!