Wednesday, May 30, 2012

We Are Moving Away From Textbooks - Please Join Us For The Second Digital Publication Collaborative

Here at Burlington High School we are very excited about moving away from classrooms and courses that are focused on traditional textbooks. We are firm believers that teachers can create much more engaging resources for their classrooms if they are given the time and resources to do this work.  Given this line of thinking, last summer we invited local educators to join us in June for the first Massachusetts Digital Publication Collaborative. 

After receiving such great feedback from those who attended last year, we are excited to partner with our colleagues from Bedford Public Schools and Andover Pubic Schools to host ANYONE who is interested in being part of this work again this year during the last week of June ( We currently have over 250 signed up to attend for this FREE event.

Here is a blurb from the Digital Publication Collaborative Website:
The MA Digital Publication Collaborative will highlight ways for educators across the content areas and levels to integrate new and emerging technology literacies into learning environments. There will be sessions that focus on iPad integration, digital content curation, digital publication creation and distribution, and many other educational discussions.
The schedule for each of the first two day will have hands-on sessions throughout along with a collaborative commons for attendees to spend time in if they want to dive into the work of curating and creating resources.  The third day of the collaborative will be entirely dedicated to curation and creation.

Please join us for this exciting endeavor!  You can register here. 

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