Tuesday, May 15, 2012

iPad Purchase/Return Option For Seniors and Sign-Out Procedures


Please take note that seniors will be able to either return or purchase your Ipads on the dates listed below.  If you are returning your iPad you must also return your charging cord and brick or there will be a charge of $30. Either way, the red sleeves are yours to keep.

May 15, 16 (Tuesday, Wednesday)
May 22, 23 (Tuesday, Wednesday)
May 29, 30, 31 (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday)

Please see Mr. Calvin, Mr. Marcinek, Mr. Villano, or Mr. Cunha in the lower library to complete this process.

The plan right now is to provide sign out sheets in homerooms on May 23.  This is when you will begin your sign out process with all your teachers, athletics, library, etc.  If you need to take a final exam your teacher cannot sign you out until you have taken the final - please don't ask them before this.  Also, you must have your Ipad returned or purchased to be signed out - please make sure you take care of this on one of the dates above.

Questions?  See me, touch base with any of the folks at help desk, or see Mr. Larkin.  

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