Wednesday, May 2, 2012

How To Set Restrictions On Your Child's iPad

We have had a lot of discussions this year with parents about how they can monitor there child's iPad usage and keep tabs on their activity.  The video above takes a quick look at how parents can set restrictions for a variety of resources on the iPad.

During one recent discussion with a parent who wanted to keep games off of his child's iPad, I was told that the student was adamant that he needed the ability to add apps during the school day in case any of his teachers requested them to upload something.  So instead of restricting the App Store, the parent restricted the student's ability to delete apps. That was a great solution in my mind, allowing the student the access he needed in school and then also being able to see what apps were added and having a conversation about this.

(Note: I made this video using the app Explain Everything which I highly recommend)

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