Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Collab & Future Teachers For America Need Your Shoes!


  Collab & Future Teachers For America Need Your Shoes!:
Collab and the Future Teachers of America are teaming up with Shoebox Recycling to host a shoe drive at Burlington High School from today until the end of the school year.
If you have any unwanted shoes at home that are “worn, but not worn out,” please bring them in to BHS and deposit them in any of the boxes you find around the school. The shoes will go to people in need, or will be refurbished  or they will be disposed of properly, instead of taking up space in landfills needlessly. Bring them in to us! We’ll get rid of them for you! Besides, they have no resale value – nobody wants to buy your old shoes on eBay or Craigslist. It’s a win-win!
These shoes can be any style, and age. The only exceptions are:
  • No huge winter boots
  • No Hockey Skates or shoes with sharp cleats
  • No shoes with holes in the soles
  • No wet or mildewy shoes – because seriously, why do you even still have those?
If you have any questions, see Mr. Lally, the advisor to Collab, or Ms. Lombardo, the advisor to the Future Teachers of America, both of whom are on the English hall. Otherwise, we’d love to fill our boxes with your shoes!
And here’s a video from Shoebox Recycling themselves:

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