Thursday, April 19, 2012

Thoughts on NEXT YEAR’s Musical from Mr. Middleton-Cox

A picture from this year's musical, Kiss Me Kate
With the production of another spring musical in the rear view mirror, our Performing Arts Director, John Middleton-Cox, shares some thoughts on next year's production.

Some Thoughts on NEXT YEAR’s Musical from Mr. Middleton-Cox:
What Musical Should we do next year?
Many factors go into choosing the musical every year.

  • As always, we try to select shows that will highlight the talent we have.  (Some shows require a trained male dancer, I don’t know any trained male dancers in the school).
  • What shows will people want to come see? (this year’s show was the lowest selling show in 5 years.)
  • What shows will the students get excited about? (Beauty & The Beast had over 100 kids in the cast).
  • What shows will the staff enjoy working on? (Someone on the staff should be passionate about the material we will have to spend months of time and energy on).
  • What shows can feature a very large ensemble? (We have tradionally accepted everyone who auditions).
  • What shows are appropriate for this age? (RENT would be very popular, but contains adult themes of drug use and sexual behavior which make many people very uncomfortable).
  • What shows are available? (we must obtain the rights and pay royalties, many shows that are on Broadway such as Wicked are not available. Chicago is restricted, Grease is limited due to high demand).
If you have suggestions that you feel fit all of these catagories, please feel free to send in your suggestions.

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