Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Mock Accident At BHS Today Sends Strong Reminder To Students

Thanks to the wonderful cooperative efforts of the BHS Health Department (Mrs. Doughty and Mr. Jackling), our SADD students, the BHS Police and Fire Departments, Dr. Thomas Brand and his colleagues from Lahey Clinic, Boston Medflight,  and Sullivan Funeral Home we were able to stage a dramatic accident on site today at BHS for our juniors and seniors.  In the video above Burlington Police's Traffic-Safety Officer Bernie Schipelliti sets the stage for our students prior to the accident which was a reenactment of an actual accident.

The whole accident lasted about 20 minutes from the time of impact to the emergency call for the police, ambulances, life flight helicopter, and the final call for the funeral home.  It is a testament to the caring community here in Burlington that all of the participants would take the time to come organize and plan this event to help ensure the health and well-being of our students!


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