Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Erin Murphy and Mark Steinbach Honored At Annual SILS Luncheon


I had the pleasure of accompanying juniors Erin Murphy and Mark Steinbach to the annual SILS Awards Program sponsored by the Middlesex League Principals.  Each Middlesex League School chooses one female and one male from its junior class to receive this award which goes to the two students who have best exemplified the following characteristics: Service, Integrity, Leadership, and Spirit 

Erin and Mark were selected for their outstanding work in all of these areas.  Both students are noted for their integrity by BHS staff and they have been very active in service endeavors in and out of BHS. In addition, they have both served in numerous leadership activities including Student Council and Peer Mentoring to 9th graders.

The final characteristic for the award, Spirit, was defined as follows by the luncheon's guest speaker Dr. Ingrid Tucker, the head of the Cambridge Montessori School:  "People with spirit are magnetic, their lights shine and they allow the lights of others to shine." I loved this definition and found it to be so appropriate for our two BHS students.

Dr. Ingrid Tucker - SILS Guest Speaker
Congratulations to all of this years SILS winners: Anahis Kechejian and Daniel Xiang (Arlington), Madison Devine and John Robert Scordino (Belmont), Eli Brick and Michael Clayton (Lexington), Madeline Frasca and Zeke Vainer (Melrose), Luke Beaulieu and Anh Le (Reading), Thomas Dalton and Cara Fuccillo (Stoneham), Mackenzie Mildram and Thomas Sheerin (Wakefield), Julia Metjian and Aaron Siegel (Watertown), Brendan Ahern and Lauren Bennett (Wilmington), Daniel Boulanger and Ani Chilingirian (Winchester), Jacquelyn Kelley and Michael Paladino (Woburn).

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