Monday, April 2, 2012

BHS Model UN Returns To UMass Conference

The Burlington Model UN club once again returned to UMass Amherst's Model UN Conference. UMass Amherst's weedend-long conference this year focused on South and Central America. Topics ranged from historical topics such as Brazilian Independence and the Treaty of Tordesillas, to modern topics such as the War on Drugs and Deepwater Horizon. Participants were assigned positions which they had to research and then portray that viewpoint in their committees. 

This year, the participants were Walter Kikuchi, Michelle Lee, Nantia Boampong, Elizabeth Burkhart, Rick Landry, Nick Zenkin, Peggy Perna, Helly Soni, and Sarah Jamal-eddine. Thank you to advisor Mrs. Gould for bringing the club again this year! The experience was very educational and rewarding. An additional thank you to Secretary General at UMass Amherst, Wendy Simon-Pearson, a BHS alum!

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