Thursday, March 15, 2012

Excited About Discovery Education's "Beyond the Textbook Forum"

Kudos to Discovery Education for gathering some great educational minds together to discuss the future of the textbook.   Great thinkers like David Warlick, Eric Sheninger, Richard Byrne, Audrey Watters, Angela Maiers, Mary Beth Hertz and others will gather in Maryland this weekend to talk about what the future looks like for classrooms teachers and students as we move away from physical textbooks (and commercialized etextbooks).

I think we need to be very careful to fall into the same reliance on commercialized e-versions of texts that we have had on traditional textbooks. These are not resources that engage students and encourage creation over consumption. We need our students and their teachers to design and/or choose their own tools for learning and not just buy something pre-constructed because it is easier.

If you would like to provide feedback prior to this meeting, Richard Byrne, David Warlick, and Audrey Watters have all solicited feedback. I encourage you to take a moment to offer your thoughts.
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