Wednesday, March 14, 2012

BHS Students Raise Over $2,000 With 30 Hour Famine


Guest Post By BHS Senior Walter Kikuchi

This year, the Amnesty International and Model UN clubs got together once again to run the 30 Hour Famine, an event aimed to help raise money for World Vision. Participating students fasted for 30 hours starting Thursday, March 8th at 12:30 P.M. to Friday, March 9th at 6:30 P.M. Students asked sponsors to donate money to go to World Vision, an organization that works to help starving children across the globe, including in the United States. The money that the students raised is going to go to where it is most needed.

Following the 30 hour fast, students gathered in the cafeteria to “break the fast” together. Local establishments that donated food for this event were Subway, Raja and Rana’s, the Korean BBQ, and Pizzeria Regina. The students would like to thank those businesses for their generosity.
Amnesty International officers Avani Shah, Rupini Alla, Binal Patel, and Sharon Kumar, as well as Model UN officers Walter Kikuchi, Nantia Boampong, and Michelle Lee worked hard to make this event a success. In the end, the students raised $2395.55! Any students who still have not turned in their envelopes should do so to the main office or to Mr. Whitten by Wednesday.
The students who raised the most money were Walter Kikuchi ($400), Sharon Kumar ($375), Avani Shah ($260), and Rachel Czerwinski ($220).

Participating students: Zebeka Alam, Rupini Alla, Nantia Boampong, Kim Boyle, Natasha Chatterjee, Rachel Czerwinski, Alyssa Dew, Jill Daniels, Erin DiPersio, Walter Doan, Christina Grattan, Saqib Hashim, Alex Heisler, Brooke Hindle, Kristyna Flaherty, Andrew Frost, Taylor-Marie Funchion, Walter Kikuchi, Courtney Kofflink, Sharon Kumar, Natasha LaMonica, Kartike Mathur, Amanda O’Donnell, Luke O’Donnell, Emily O’Neil, Jessica Olin, Sabrina Pederson, Beth Perna, Peggy Perna, Binal Patel, Rutvi Patel, Kevin Romulus, Julia Roussell, Gina Russo, Christos Saledas, Rebecca Salina, Rachel Seeley, Avani Shah, Jenna Shields, Mark Simmons, Shabina Wigneswaran

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