Saturday, February 4, 2012

Poetry Out Loud Semfinals 2012

Some photos from yesterday's semifinals

From The BHS English Dept. Blog:

Congratulations to the following students who placed in the top three in their Poetry Out Loud Semifinal Round and will move on to the Poetry Out Loud Finals on Friday, February 10.

Period One

WINNER: Emily Murgo with Do Not Go Gentle into That Good Night by Dylan Thomas

2nd Place: Michaela Mazure with The Days Gone By

3rd Place (TIE): Allie Hardy with Her Kind; Sarah Horwitz with Blind Curse

Period Two

WINNER: Marissa Coté with The Painter by John Ashberry

2nd Place (TIE): Sharon Kumar with News; Maya Russell with The Uniform

3rd Place: Alex Moffatt with The Destruction of Sennacherib

Period Three

WINNER: Zaven Ovian with Sonnet XXIX by William Shakespeare

2nd Place: Laura Simon-Pearson with Conversation

3rd Place (TIE): Katrina Gilstrap with Poor Angels; Luke Schissler with I Felt a Funeral in my Brain

Period Four

WINNER: Nicolette Moodie with Beautiful Wreckage by W.D. Ehrhart

2nd Place (TIE): Rachel Murgo with Calling Him Back from Layoff; TJ Horgan with The Way it Sometimes is

3rd Place: Nicholas Fahey with Kubla Khan

Period Five

WINNER: Pranav Menon with Two Guitars by Victor Hernandez Cruz

2nd Place – WILD CARD WINNER: Emily Martin with Calling Him Back from Layoff by Bob Hicok

3rd Place: Isha Mehta with My Brother, the Artist, at Seven

Period Six

WINNER: Kylie Scott with The Empty Dance Shoes by Cornelius Eady

2nd Place: Edward Gelberg with Ego

3rd Place: Luke O’Donnell with Mingus at the Showplace

Period Seven

WINNER: Toula Papadopoulos with Calling Him Back from Layoff by Bob Hicok

2nd Place: Giovanna Fernandes with A Locked House

3rd Place: Chris Coe with Snow Day

Congratulations to our winners!!! Stay tuned for our Teacher’s Choice Awards!
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  1. Congratulations and good luck to you all this coming Friday. We're looking forward to this wonderful event!!