Monday, February 6, 2012

More Evidence That Colleges Don't Care About Class Rank

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Funny how timing works. As we move towards a final vote on the elimination of class rank at BHS, I received my January copy of the NASSP Newsleader which contained the above graphic on the front page.  Kaplan surveyed 359 of the top 500 colleges and asked the following question:
"What would you most consider to be an application killer?"
Not surprisingly, the top choice was a low Grade Point Average (G.P.A).  However, more interesting to me was the fact that class rank did not even make the list.
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  1. Class Rank and GPA are the SAME THING. Calculate your GPA and then rank order everyone based on that GPA...... what am I missing here?

  2. im rather confused as well. on the google doc, it says how one student was denied entrance to umass lowell because of class rank. And then here it says that colleges do not care. Two different stories that go against each other. Apparently, colleges do care if this student was denied entrance. Why does class rank have to be put out to colleges anyways? Why can't bhs just tell students where they stand in their class and leave college out of the equation. Sure, other schools might not do it, but why are we trying to be them? Why don't we create our own school, where we do what we do, not what Lexington does.

    Lastly, if i want to take a course I'm interested in, I will. If I'm interested in the course, I will try my hardest in the course because I care about that course.

  3. Interesting, a college prep test company, that makes its money on college prep courses, has funded and ran a study that found after low GPA the two most important factors that Colleges consider to be an application killer are low SAT scores and low scores on college prep courses. Thank goodness we have these impartial scientific studies (no doubt being peer-reviewed?) around to back up our decision to change the way our children are evaluated for college.