Monday, January 9, 2012

More Great Photos From Our Annual Artist Alumni Day

Thanks to Mr. Mistler for more photos from our annual Artist Alumni Day which was held on Friday.   Thanks to all of the artists who presented to our students:

Dan Ricardelli- Northeastern University; Architect
Nida Suhail- Mass College of Art- Fashion Design
Kara Litchfield- Mass College of Art; Art Education and Sculpture
Lauren Costa- University of Massachusetts; Fine Art
Shauna Leva- University of Hartford, Illustrator
Juan Aguilar- School of Art Institute of Chicago
Justin Gordan - Class of 1974 - Sculptor
Tali Singer- Mass College of Art; Graphic Design
Kaitlyn Morneweck- Syracuse University

Check out some of the links from our artists:
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  1. BHS has a spectacular Art Dept. My sister, an alum of BHS, attributes her success and ease into Mass College of Art to BHS Art Dept. She never ceases to praise her BHS former Art instructors.