Monday, January 30, 2012

How Did Our Students Feel About Their Homework-Free Vacation?

The week after we returned from our December vacation I polled our students in regards to the Homework-Free Vacation that we implemented. While I knew that any student would approve of a Homework-Free Vacation, I was more interested in what they did with the time.

Rather than list all of the nearly 500 responses, I decided to share a few (below) that hit on the key themes that I saw in the survey. Thanks to those students who agreed to share their responses publicly as well as all of the students that responded!
BHS Senior Toula Papadopoulos - "Read. I honestly haven't read for fun since middle school. Also, draw something other than for a college portfolio or college preparation or other school related things.  I can't begin to express how therapeutic that felt."
BHS Senior Futaba Shioda - "I was able to practice piano, practice for colleg auditions, and do yoga. I was also able to do personal things like read for pleasure, knit, and meet up with old friends for the holiday season. I also caught up on sleeping, and it felt like vacation." 
BHS Freshman Grace Murphy - "Go skiing the day before vacation ended and I would not have been able to go skiing or to Vermont if I had had homework."
BHS Junior Rythm Gade - "I had more time to do activities with my family and friends."
BHS Junior Chris Coe - "A full week of driver's Ed, photograph 3 concerts, spend time with my family, and RELAX."
BHS Freshman Megan Abbruzzese - "Read for fun."
BHS Senior Sam Flecchia - "I was able to spend more time with family, actually read books for fun, catch up on tv and just overall relax and catch up on sleep."
BHS Senior Elizabeth Burkhart - "Relax, spend time with family and friends, work on bhs yearbook! COLLEGE APPLICATIONS"
BHS Freshman Michaela Mazure - "I got to spend more time with family and friends and play more sports." 
BHS Junior Dean Boodakian - I was able to visit family in new York and not have to rush back to Massachusetts to do a crazy, full day of homework. 
For more on homework and all of the themes of Race to Nowhere please check out the issues page here. 
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