Thursday, January 5, 2012

Download Our 1:1 Overview As An e-Pub

Thanks to the efforts of BHS Instructional Technology teacher Andrew Marcinek, our 1:1 overview documents that we share with schools that visit BHS has been put into an e-Pub format.

You can access this great resource by clicking on the image above or by clicking on this link from your iPad. The link will open up the document in iBooks.
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  1. Question posed on behalf of those of us _without_ iPads: What application would you suggest for reading ePub on, say, Windows??? Android??? Linux???

    I've done the quick "Google and download a likely looking application" but the results were pretty rough around the edges. If you have an informed recommendation regarding a good application, I'm all ears.

    1. You may want to visit

      Free and it works well for epub.


  2. If you do not have an iPad, the whole document can be accessed here in its original Google Doc format