Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Deans of College Admissions Discuss Class Rank

We continued our discussion of doing away with class rank at the Burlington School Committee Meeting last night.  One of the big concerns many have is in regards to college admissions and whether or not the lack of class rank will negatively impact students. The short clip above, which was done by the Wall Street Journal for a series called "Inside the Admissions Office," shows responses from the Deans of Admissions from Bryn Mawr and Grinnell College in answering the question "How much does class rank matter?"

As you can hear from the responses of the Deans of these two prestigious colleges, class rank is not a significant factor in their admissions process.

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  1. That's a revelation. I wish the dean had spoken more about how to pick a college major, too.

  2. I'm glad this school chooses to look over class rank during admission. This allows students to showcase their strengths. If schools glorify class ranking, it can take a toll on students when choosing a college major.