Monday, December 19, 2011

Things That Have Me Thinking This Week...December 19, 2011

Here are the most thought-provoking articles and blog posts that I came across in the last week.  The first two touch upon topics that relate to the vision we have for our schools while the first video to make the cut for one of these weekly summaries.


A Vision Statement for School Change - Chris Lehmann

This blog post by Chris Lehmann, the Principal at Science Leadership Academy in Philadelphia, discusses the transparency we need to have in our schools in order to have a vision that is truly shared by all stakeholders.  Lehmann's vision below is simple yet powerful:
"I believe than any parent should be able to walk into any school and ask any teacher, student, staff member, "What does teaching and learning look like here? What are the ways in which that is nurtured and developed for everyone in the school community?" and get a real, coherent answer that isn't just lip-service."
I think we need to start working on our answer to this question at BHS.


AP Classes - Absolutely Preposterous Weapons of Mass Instruction 

This blog post, which I picked up from the 21st Century Fluency Project, is actually written by a student in San Diego and was originally published on Teen Ink's Site.  This student cites some of the negatives inherent in AP courses and questions whether students are really taking these courses for the right reasons.
"You do not learn the material to become enlightened. You learn to pass a test. You learn so that you can impress ­admissions officers with your weighted GPA...Life doesn’t exist outside of meaningless busywork. Most often this ­consists of Absentminded Prattle, or the art of explaining concepts that you don’t understand, care about, or ever really need."

An Anti-Bullying PSA All Students Should See

Thanks to the folks at Edudemic for sharing this great anti-bullying. Public Service Announcement.  Imagine if we lived in a world where all of our children had the confidence to band together and stand up to bullies this way?

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