Tuesday, December 13, 2011

No More Cups In The Fence - But We Have An Alternative

A look at the mess sometimes created with the styrofoam cups in the fence.
One of the many great traditions here at BHS is the use of the fence at our main entrance to post messages about students and/or student activities.  Unfortunately there are a couple of negatives about this long held practice.  The first negative is the use of styrofoam cups and the second thing is the fact that when the cups are blown out of the fence they blow all over the neighborhood.  I would be afraid to guess the number of cups that our neighbors have had to pick up over the years.

We are excited to offer a solution to both the styrofoam and the mess.  We have purchased 2,500 plastic put-in-cups, a device made specifically for fence art/messages.   If you have a message to put up for a student or student/activity all you need to do is stop by the BHS main office and pick up some put-in-cups.

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  1. Congrats to BHS on a step toward protecting our environment! Now, let's talk about those styrofoam lunch trays!