Thursday, December 8, 2011

No Homework Pledge At BHS For Upcoming Vacation

We have taken the Race to Nowhere No Homework Pledge at BHS for the upcoming vacation.  We have decided that we will follow the lead of many other schools during our December vacation and give our students a break.

Schools that have taken this step agree with the research below from the Race to Nowhere site: 
  • Students who enjoy a balanced schedule that includes family, friendship, creative and imaginative pursuits, and community service and involvement.
  • Students who have time to be passionate, curious, inventive, and creative.
  • Students whose daily schedule includes time for physical and mental health--including sleep, healthy meals, physical activity, and down time.Students who have time to embrace learning and achievement for its inherent rewards.
  • Students who have time to develop the skills that will truly prepare them for the 21st century: Integrity, determination, empathy, resourcefulness, resilience, kindness, respect, and a lifetime love of learning.


  1. I'm gratified that people are figuring this out. Finally. I remember trying to talk to fellow board members about the destructive effects of –– literally –– four hours of homework a night for high school students ten years ago. Nobody wanted to hear about it. Our schools are not factories. Students are not unpaid employees. The stress of high-stakes testing and never-ending homework is taking a huge toll on adolescents.
    Thanks for being a part of turning this around.

  2. Patrick
    I admire your efforts in this direction. We have an informal "no homework" over the breaks practice at Concord-Carlisle but this is much more concrete. I really want to dig in on the value and purpose of homework this year, so we should compare notes at some point.

  3. Love this! Patrick, would you please talk to Dr. Eric Conti to get him on board with giving the break to ALL Burlington school students?
    Thank you for adding some happiness to your students' lives and those of their family. We appreciate it.
    Enjoy your holidays!!
    Dana Belliveau
    MSMS and Fox Hill School Parent

  4. Dana - I am sure that this will be discussed at other schools for future holidays. Thanks for the positive comments! Best to you and your family for a Happy Holiday season as well!

  5. Principal Larkin,
    This blog post gives me hope that you will take a lead role in reducing the amount of homework for BHS students. The workload students have is too much. My daughter leaves for school at 7am, has a sport after school, and usually doesn't finish her homework until 1am. She misses out on family time, sleep, and events that would provide a nice balance to her life. Please direct your teachers that 4+ hours of homework isn't reasonable and students need time to be kids. I have followed your leadership and the innovation you have brought to BHS and I'm confident that you will make this your top priority for the new year.
    Thank you,
    BHS parent