Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Interview With Hockey Captain Brett Romkey


(Brett Romkey Interview - By Adriana Berardi - Wednesday, December 14, 2011)

Today in our Help Desk office, our own Adriana Berardi sat down with one of this years Hockey Captains Brett Romkey. Tonight is their home opener against league rival Lexington at the Burlington Ice Palace. Tickets are $4 for Students and $6 for Adults. The game begins tonight at 8. Good Luck Devils!

What are your thoughts on going into your last year of hockey in Burlington High school?

Well obviously you want to produce. Coach always says that a team is as good as the seniors want it to be. And the only way to produce is to score goals. You don't want to look back when you're 40 and say, "Wow, I'm really disappointed in my last season as a hockey player."

What are a few important responsibilities that you have being a captain this year?

To lead as a captain, you have the responsibility to lead the guys and show people the ropes. Yet, you have to be the guy on the ice that people can depend on, the younger guys look up to you as a captain and they, as yourself, expect to do things the right way.

What are your goals this year and how far do you think you will go with the new team?

The goal, as every year, is to win. We want to win the middlesex league championship and go deep into the playoffs.

How do you think the team this year will adjust to the new middlesex league divisions?

I think we will adjust fine. We still play the same teams and look at games the same way. We don't look at a Woburn game and say, "Well this game doesn't matter because they aren't in our league." We prepare the same way for every game and have the same winning mentality that would come for a league game or not.

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