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Fourth Annual Artist Alumni Day January 6th

Check out the pictures from last year's Artist Alumni Day

On Friday, January 6, 2012, the Burlington High School Art Department will host its fourth annual Alumni Artist Day from 7:30 am until 2:00 pm.

For the past three years the Burlington High School Art Department has welcomed back former students to discuss their careers as artists. Alumni who have recently graduated talk about their first year at art school, senior college students who are preparing to enter the work force share their portfolios, and alumni who are working as designers and artists share their experiences and day-to-day activities at their jobs. Current art students have a chance to see and ask questions of the alumni. They are able to learn about art careers directly from the artists to whom they relate as members of their extended school community.

In addition to connecting alumni with current students, Alumni Artist Day is an event that has connected alumni to one another, potentially to share resumes and job connections.

Check out some of the quotes from BHS graduates on the impact that our Art Program had on their lives:

"The value of the BHS Art Program was monumental in my success as a graphic designer. First of all, I would have never even taken an art class if it weren't for an observant art teacher in a study hall encouraging me to take the class while watching me doodle. Freshman year of college all of my classmates were trying to gain a base knowledge in the programs while I was able to really thrive and focus on my creativity because I already had a phenomenal base from 3 years of graphic design in high school. I will always be grateful for the BHS Art Program, it literally gave me a career path and was an integral part of shaping me as an individual.
-Elyse Goldstein Emery, (class of '03)
Senior Graphic Designer at Spruce Environmental Technologies Inc.
"If not for my experience with the BHS Arts Program, I would not have had the confidence in myself or my ability to continue my studies inart. I feel very fortunate with the road my life has travelled thus far, and it would be completely different if not for my experiencewith the art program at BHS. Thank you."
Sean P. McGee Operations Manager - Savannah College of Art and Design® 

"I relate a lot of my success to Burlington and its art department. Because of BHS and my art teachers I was able to grasp an understanding of design much earlier than most people and transform that into a focus at Syracuse University. If it weren't for BHS I would not be where I am today. A lot of people say that art and design are not important classes to take and don't become an artist because you will never find a job. But this is completely false. This is one reason I feel it is important to come back to BHS for Alumni ArtistDay, so I can share what I have learned and encourage students to think about majoring in and finding jobs in art and design."
Jason Yeadon - MLB Graphic Designer 
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