Thursday, December 22, 2011

Box of Cereal Gains BHS Students Free Entrance To Athletic Events Through January 21

BHS Senior Athletes - Casey Landry, Erin Clark, and Christina Raso
The Burlington Food Pantry and The BHS Athletic Community are working together to give back to the those in need while strengthening school spirit at athletic events.

Until January 21st, every student who brings in an unopened box of cereal (or a canned good) will get into any BHS home athletic event  (hosted at the high school) free of charge! This includes wrestling, boys and girls basketball, and boys and girls gymnastics. Support your fellow classmates and athletes by attending as many games, meets, or matches as possible. Spread the word! 

According to, "In 2009, 65% of adults reported that they had been hungry, but did not eat because they could not afford enough food."  Also, "5.6 million households obtained emergency food from food pantries at least once during 2009."  For the holidays, the Burlington Food Pantry needs your help by donating boxes of cereal.   For a full list of suggested donation items, click here:  Athletic schedules can be found at

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  1. This is awesome! Bless this great endeavor and you all!!