Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Talking About Digital Footprint With BHS Students

I spent some time today talking with our seniors about their digital footprints and the importance of thinking before they post something on-line.  This presentation will also be shown to grades 9-11 in the coming days.  It has become apparent to me that many high school students do not understand the difference between Facebook and Twitter.  In a survey to over 450 of our students, almost 40-percent did not realize that their tweets were accessible to people other than those who follow them.

Check out the slideshow below. Please note that the statements in the bubbles are not actually statements I made, they were from tweets that I saw from students.  My point is that if all someone knows about you is that you tweet profane comments are they getting an accurate portrayal of who you are?

As we have discussed numerous times, colleges and employers are doing web searches of prospects and it is more important than ever to make intelligent decisions about what we post.
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  1. Greetings. I'm still trying to figure out how to access the first Parents' Tech Night at BHS. I missed it and cannot find either a podcast or any other information from it online. Does anyone know how to find this?
    Thanks a lot!