Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Sharing Our Journey...

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I feel that we have a moral imperative to share the things that are happening here at BHS with anyone interested.   By allowing others to see what we are doing with our 1:1 implementation we are not only opening the possibility that more schools will follow this path, we are also broadening our network so that our staff and students will have more people to collaborate and connect with.

It has been exciting to host so many other schools over the first few months of the school year to discuss with them what we are doing in our classrooms. In addition, we are excited to be hosting Apple today so that they can take footage of what is happening here to share with others.  In order to take all of our schools where they need to go, we need to expand our networks and share our stories.

We will not develop the connected learners that we need if we do not connect the adults first.
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