Friday, November 25, 2011

A Look At Back At Our Thanksgiving Day Game in Photos

Thanks to BHS parent Bob Goober and his phenomenal Flickr stream, we have a tremendous collection of photos from our first Thanksgiving Day Game on our new field! Check out the photos from warm-ups, to the introduction of our seniors, to the celebration of our 27-6 win over Lexington.

It was a beautiful day all around at BHS!

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  1. Yes, we heard from others who were thankful to be at yesterday's game.Thanks for the great pics from the last few days! Yesterday was truly a day for giving thanks.

    I was extremely grateful for a tech savvy relative who joined us for Thanksgiving. He is the head of the IT Dept. at his workplace. He encouraged me to download the new ios5 on my BHS IPad. (He was very impressed with our IPads and compared his to ours. Ours won, of course, as ours is the more updated one.)Again, it was a proactive tiny step for me as it was a push to move forward, to move with the current technological times. Once again, out of my comfort zone I went.

    Why was I so apprehensive about engaging in this? Within 30 minutes tops, my BHS IPad had the ios5. Was that so difficult to do? NO!!

    It heightened my self-esteem to progress with technology. Although I still consider myself a novice, my cousin was quite impressed with what I've learned thus far. I know that I have more technological challenges ahead, but with great support here at BHS and within the family, I'll make it!! Even my tech savvy teenagers don't have the ios5 yet!!