Friday, November 18, 2011

BHS Yearbook Info - You Can Be a Page Number

The Burlington High School Yearbook is a great way for all students to remember their time spent in high school. The 2012 yearbook is not only available to seniors, but to underclassmen as well. We feature all students in the yearbook and try to get everyone in at least three times. This year Burlington is featured as a pilot school for the new digital yearbook! When students receive their hard copy, they will also receive an online code to view the digital yearbook. Here is some information about the yearbook:

Buying the Yearbook:
The yearbook prices are climbing! Get your yearbook before December 1st and pay $75. After December 1st, the price will be $85. You can give checks made out to Burlington High School to Mr. Mistler in room 241 or Mr. Vigneau in room 129. You can also buy the book online at

Submitting Photos: 
Students and parents can submit photos (and videos) for the yearbook by going to and logging in with the username: and password: password. Or you can sign up for your own account.

Being a Page Number (Open to ALL students):
On Tuesday, November 22nd, we will have an open day for your photos to be taken to be a yearbook page number. Pay $5 per person or $8 per couple and you will be featured as a page number in the corner of the page! Come to Mr. Vigneau's room (129) to participate.

Any questions? Contact Mr. Mistler at or Mr. Vigneau at

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