Wednesday, November 23, 2011

BHS Athletics Blog Hits the Web!

Our Period 4 Help Desk Students also known as the BPS Ed Tech Team has created a new blog for our Athletic Department.  Thanks to Jake Goldstein, Adriana Berardi, and Willie Harris for their work on this! We look forward to this new forum to keep the BHS community up to date with our BHS Athletic teams!

Check out the following announcement from the new BHS Athletic Blog!

The BHS Athletic has officially hit the web!  We have created a Facebook fan page and a Twitter page to keep our followers in the loop of what's going on. Although our site is in its infancy, we want the viewers input. We have created an e-mail for our site so that the BHS community can give is us critique, comments, views on the blog, pictures, stories, etc. You can contact us at .

Also, you can follow us on Twitter at (@bhsathleticblog) and like us on Facebook, BHS Athletic Department Blog. Help us out and spread the word.  We need your help!


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