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Top 10 Features of iOS 5 on the iPad From the BHS Student Tech Crew

From the Burlington Public Schools Ed Tech Blog

By BHS Student Tech Crew member Nick Desimone

1. Notifications
All notifications appear in a pull down menu from the top of the screen. Whenever you want to view any new notifications from all of your apps, you slide a finger down from the top of the screen, revealing a menu with all notifications, on which you can click to view more details. Also, notifications appear at the top of the screen as opposed to the middle of the screen, so they don’t interrupt the app.

2. Hand Gestures
Instead of needing to double click the home button and then choosing a new app to open to switch apps, you can scroll between opened apps by using a four-finger swipe to the left or right. Doing this, you can scroll through every app that is open in the multitasking menu. You can open the multi-tasking menu by doing a four-finger swipe up from the bottom of the screen. Also, pinching in app in toward the center of the screen with all five fingers will close the opened app.

3. iMessage

With iMessage you can send unlimited text messages to all your friends on an iPod touch, iPhone or iPad with the iOS 5 update, they must also be on a 3G or wi-fi network. You can also text photos, videos, your locations, and contacts. You can start a message on one of your iOS 5 devices, and then pick it up on another one of your iOS 5 devices.

When you are using iMessage on your iPhone you can tell that you are receiving messages from another iOS user when the message bubble is blue. You can also see when the other party is typing their message.

4. Keyboard

With iOS5, you can undock the keyboard from the bottom of the screen and split the keyboard to each side, where you can type with your thumbs, kind of like texting. To do this, you hold down the bottom right icon on the keyboard, and drag it to the desired location. To re-dock it, you can drag it back down to the bottom of the screen.

5. Mirroring

With an AppleTV, you can now mirror everything done on the device, not just videos and photos, but applications. This function opens up a lot of potential for apps such as ShowMe and iMovie.

6. Mail

In iOS5 you can now flag an email in addition to marking it as unread. To do this, you open the desired email, then touch ‘Mark’ and choose what you want to do. Also, the new mail system allows you to create bold, italicized, or underlined font in a newly composed email. These actions can be done by highlighting the typed font, touching the arrow on the menu and then selecting either the BIU.

7. Newsstand
With newsstand users can add newspaper and magazine subscriptions to the newsstand shelf and it will automatically send you push notifications to when there is a new version of your newspaper or magazine. This allows you to organize everything you want to read each day.

8. Reminders

With the ‘Reminders’ app, you can tell your device to remind you about an event or occurrence at a specific time on a certain day. It can be used as a to-do list as you get notifications at the set time for each event and then check it off when it is completed. If you are using an iPhone 4S you can setup reminders by speaking them to Siri.

9. iCloud
You have the ability to sync 5 gigabytes worth of data between your main iTunes account, iPhones, iPads, and iPod Touches. This eliminates the need to connect your device to a computer and update the software any iOS updates the syncing of music, apps, and contacts by will be able to be done over the air.

10. Twitter
Twitter works directly with iOS5. You can install and sign in to Twitter through the settings menu. Once you set up a twitter account you now have the ability to Tweet from YouTube, photos, maps, and other apps. Also, you can sync your contacts with people’s Twitter accounts.

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