Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Some Early Student Feedback On The iPad - Edition 1

I sent out a survey using Google Forms to our student body about how they are using their new iPads for educational purposes.  Here are some of the initial responses from the students.  I will continue to share more of them in the coming days.
Nikhil Thakkar - My favorite educational use for the iPad is the way everyone can do everything at the same time in the classroom. For instance, in biology, we all watch relevant youtube videos on our iPad's at the same time. Also, I enjoy taking notes on it. Evernote is a very handy and useful tool. I think that BHS has given us a wonderful tool, the iPad, to expand our knowledge in the modern day world and the 21st century. Students are going to use technology regardless, in the outside world. Why not incorporate that and use it in school as well. This teaches students to be responsible, and use some of the advantages that technology has.

T.J. Horgan - I can create an online agenda with inClass. Also, instead of printing out every document or if I forget to, I use Evernote to write everything, so I have all of my documents on there.

Ahmad Osman - One very useful educational purpose for the ipad is using google docs to work with groups so that everyone can put in their input at the same times. Also you get many different opinions and ideas. I also use my iPad for getting information on the Internet, this makes finding information much faster and you get more and less biased information than the textbook. Lastly, using your iPad for writing papers instead of having a teacher signing up for the computer lab is a plus.

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  1. Hi Patrick this is Ron from Evernote. Great to hear that your deployment is working out so well and the students are taking to Evernote. I'd be really interested in hearing more about it if you have some time. Feel free to contact me rtoledo(at) . Best

  2. maybe someone from evernote could come out for one of the parent technology nights.

  3. The question that keeps ringing in my mind is: how easy is it to take notes in evernote while keeping your eyes on the teacher and whiteboards? Or is multi-tasking required to use it with your eyes on the ipad with your ears listening to the teacher?

    Do you guys have regular meetings helping students to learn how to best incorporate the new technology into learning so that the get the most out of the classroom?