Thursday, October 20, 2011

BHS Golf Team Wins Middlesex League Championship!

Congratulations go out to Coach Conceison and the BHS Golf Team who won the Middlesex League (small division) Championship with a perfect 5-0  record. The Red Devil Golf Team also boasted the best record of all teams in both Middlesex League divisions with a 10-1 mark.   

The team will be playing in the State tournament on Monday.  Here is some more info about this year's squad:

Team Captains: Brian Hood  and Brett Romkey
Middlesex League All Stars: Brian Hood, Joe Moran, Brett Romkey
Match records:
1. Brian Hood  5-4-2
2. Brett Romkey 5-5-1
3. Joe Moran   7-2-2
4. Brien Diffley  7-2-1
5. Brendan Cody  9-1-1
6. Liam Cronin  7-3
7. Brian Minghella 7-2
8. Eddie Francis 8-2-1

Steve Vienneau was undefeated in alternate matches (6-0) and 1-0 in Varsity matches
Other team members: Matt Theriault, Mike Shield, Evan Andreatta, Christian Mikulski, Joe Scali , Jake Goldstein,  Max Paraskevas

Highlights from this year:

Undefeated vs ML small teams
Beat Middlesex League (large school) Champion Reading (42-30).
Beat Lexington, Belmont, Woburn, Reading in consecutive matches.


  1. Wow!!!Coach Conceison is wonderful!!! Great work, team!!! Awesome!!

  2. And look what they're drinking in that first photo... ARNOLD PALMERS! THEY ARE GOLFERS!