Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Apple Smart Cover Security Breach - Important Info from the BHS Student Tech Crew

Important information from BHS Student Tech Crew member Chris Coe 
From the BPS Ed Tech Blog

Apple recently released the iOS5 update and while it provides many new and exciting features such as wireless sync, twitter integration, and multi-touch gestures, it also has a very serious security flaw for the iPad 2. While the process is very complex and almost impossible to accomplish by accident, iPad users need to be aware of hackers who could potentially steal their information and access their account. In order to complete the hacking procedure, you need a smart cover. The steps are as follows…

1. Lock an iPad2 (with numerical passcode enabled)

2. Hold down the power button until it reaches shutoff slider screen

3. Close smart cover

4. Open smart cover

5. Click cancel

Upon hitting cancel, the hacker will be allowed access to the users home screen. Although a very intricate process, it definitely works. Fortunately, as long as the user did not have an app open when they locked there iPad 2, the hacker would not be allowed access to these applications. Clicking on the app is useless and will not do anything. If an application was open when the Ipad was locked, however, that application would be able to be accessed. For this reason, it is very important that you close out of applications when you are finished with them so that information can not be stolen. An easy way for users to fix this bug, although slightly annoying, is to simply disable smart cover unlocking at the settings menu. Hopefully, Apple will release an update soon with a solution to this security problem.
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