Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A Peek In Mrs. Vigneau's Room - Why Do Students Have Clay On Their Heads?

Making the rounds through the classrooms at BHS is always a highlight of the school day as I get to see all of the interesting things happening.  As I made my way through Mrs. Vigneau's art room, however, I was a bit taken aback.  Why in the world were the students all wearing clay on their heads?  (See the photos below)

Of course there was a sensible answer to this question. Mrs. Vigneau pulled out a final product and described to me the process of making a "head bowl." Students form the clay into a flattened, rounded shape and then place it on their heads to form the shape for the "head bowl."

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  1. Mrs. Vigneau is such a stellar teacher with great ideas!!! Kudos to the BHS Art Dept. My sister is a graduate of BHS and attributes her success at Mass College of Art to the BHS Art Dept.