Tuesday, September 27, 2011

How News Stories Happen - A Student's Tweet Lands Me On Fox News

I had the opportunity to go on Fox News Boston this morning to discuss what is happening at Burlington High School in regards to access to social media tools and learning in the digital age.  Appropriately enough, my appearance on Fox News was facilitated by a tweet from one of my students to Fox News Boston which was discussing the topic of virtual learning last week.

It was also ironic that the discussion regarding the fact that we need to think differently about things like time and place when it comes to education was done from the side of the road since traffic did not allow me to make it to the Fox News Studio in Dedham.  We would love to be able to ask the Commissioner of Education to excuse snow days because of our ability to interact and continue "formal" learning when we are not physically together.  This is a an option for schools in Ohio who lose time due to snow days and it is certainly something that would be easy to accomplish with the access that our staff and students have to one another with our 1:1 initiative.

Honestly, the idea of "seat time" for learning is pretty obsolete and we hope that we can broaden the description of what learning looks like.  The biggest limitations seem to be the past educational experiences of the adults setting the policies (and I certainly include myself in that group).

What do you think school should like in the year 2011? I was asked that question yesterday and was hesitant to answer because I struggle to step out of my 20th Century point of view.  Unfortunately, I am inclined to agree with Cathy Davidson who states the following on this issue:

'Rather than thinking of ways we can be preparing our students for their future, we seem determined to prepare them for our past' 
Davidson, Cathy N. (2011-08-18). Now You See It: How the Brain Science of Attention Will Transform the Way We Live, Work, and Learn (Kindle Location 1314). VIKING ADULT. Kindle Edition. 

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