Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Day 1 of 1:1 - 1,000+ Devices Hit Our Wireless Network and...

Students returned to BHS today for the first day of our 2011-2012 and the first day of our school as a 1:1 school.  We weren't quite sure how our wireless network would handle the shock of over 1,000 devices logging on this morning, but there is really no way to run a practice drill for something like this.

As we attempted to walk our students through the uploading of our e-pub version of our student/parent handbook, we found out that we would have to do some reconfiguring of the network to get everyone access. The good news is that we have the wireless infrastructure to support our devices, the only issue is some reconfiguring of the network to make this run smoother on day two.

Fortunately, we knew going into this that there would be hiccups along the way, but we also knew we had a tremendous staff that would roll with the punches and remain flexible during a year that will be filled with trial and error as we look to create a more engaging learning environment for our students.  I think a tweet from Andy Marcinek summed up our feelings about our first day of the new school year.

I can't wait for tomorrow!


  1. My students are enjoying their new Apps for the IPads. We're integrating our lessons with these great technological tools. In one of my classes the students used their iTranslate App to translate vocab for a literary piece. One of the students enthusiastically shared that she would like to use ethe FlashCard App to practice the new vocab. It's so exciting to see the students all participating actively in their learning.

  2. Totally jealous... hope Fairfield is in 1:1 land very soon!