Tuesday, August 23, 2011

We're About To Lose Control And I Think We'll Like It

Eric Calandrello took over during one of our iPad presentations and we didn't miss a beat.
As we prepare for our first year as a 1:1 school, we are excited about the fact that it will provide us a tremendous opportunity to begin to develop as a community of learners.  I am constantly reflecting on the words of Van Meter, Iowa Superintendent John Carver who talked about the transition he saw in his school district as the school transitioned to 1:1. Superintendent Carver spoke of the move from a teacher-led environment to a learner-led environment where all of the members of the school are learners.

Moving forward with the implementation of many of the new resources available to teachers and students, it is impossible for any one person (teacher, student, or parent) to be an expert on all things.  It is so important that we pool our collective resources and talents in order to maximize our potential.  If one of us or a small group of us is in control then that individual or small group will have made their task much more difficult than it has to be.

For instance, when one of our staff members got pulled away from one of our iPad distribution sessions the other day one of the students on our support team (Eric above) jumped in and provided a seamless overview for the parents and students in attendance.  It was a great example of the depth we have when we rely on our students as a resource and not just passive receivers of information.

We need to embrace the possibilities that will appear when we become a true community of learners.  The interesting things is that this has nothing to do with technology but instead about trusting our students to take the lead.  As David Weisenberg stated, "The smartest person in the room isn't the person at the front of the room. It's the room." We need to be cognizant of the fact that our students are also in the room.
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  1. I am so excited for you Patrick and community...It is way more than the technology, but the mindshift that your school is undertaking. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thank you for the continuous and incessant encouragement, support and affirmation, Mr. Larkin. I really benefited from your Tuesday IPad classes at BHS. All of the presenters were so incredibly helpful, inspirational and knowledgeable.
    Good job, Eric!!! It's great seeing the students getting involved!!