Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Some Early Questions on iPad Distribution

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There were some early questions on the iPad distribution from parents. I have created a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document in Scribd (see below) which I will continue to build upon as the questions come in so please keep the questions coming! Use the comment section below and I will add the questions to the Scribd document so that we have them all in one place. In addition, I added the insurance form for those families that would prefer to print it out and mail payment instead of using the on-line payment system.

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  1. If the iPad needs to be repaired does the school cover the repair cost?

  2. My son is signed up to be part of the help desk for the coming school year. Does that make him part of the tech crew? We received a phone message saying "if" anyone was a member of the tech crew they needed to be at the school Monday morning to receive their ipad. We are a little confused

  3. Person who posted first, above it says in the FAQ:

    "The iPad repairs will be covered by the insurance for families who buy the insurance and it will be covered by the families if they choose not to sign up for the insurance." So it depends on if you buy the insurance.

  4. Were the iPads purchased by BHS with the typical 3 year apple warranty? If so, why do we need to purchase additional insurance?

  5. At the presentation you mentioned that we would receive a discount at the Apple Store if we present a student ID. At the Apple store today, they were not aware of any discounts on accessories. Do you have any other information on this?