Monday, August 15, 2011

Our iPad Deployment Has Begun! Day 1 is in the Rearview Mirror

It is hard to believe that the day finally arrived for the deployment of our iPads today at BHS. We started with the distribution of iPads with some our BHS Help Desk students and ended with our first auditorium presentation to a larger group of about 120 students and parents.

Here is a summary of what we covered:

Setting Up Your iTunes Account - We Recommend An Account Without A Credit Card Attached

Installing the Lightspeed Browser App
- Go To Self-Service App on the iPad and pull up the list of suggested apps. Install the Lightspeed Browser - The code that needs to be entered is 02132423.

Other apps we recommend in the Self-Service App - DropboxEvernote, CNN Money, Kindle, Nook, QR Code Reader

Download our new e-Pub version of the BHS Student/Parent Handbook - In order to download the handbook students will need to have iBooks installed on their iPad. This free app is available in the App Store.  Once iBooks is installed just go to the BHS EdTech Wiki and clicking on the link at the top of the page that says BHS Student Handbook 2011 ePub and then you will be prompted to open the link in iBooks.

Stay tuned as we continue to post relevant updates and answer questions here on the blog. For past posts on our iPad 1:1 check out the tab at the top of the page for the BHS iPad Initiative.


  1. Wow!! Thank you BHS IPad Tech Team! Sounds like you all had a very exciting and productive day!!

    This is a great post, Mr. Larkin!! It's very helpful. I'm sure that the students will appreciate these beneficial instructions.

  2. The camera's work on some peoples ipads (who went to the 1:00 meeting) while the people who went to the help desk meeting have non working cameras. I think the Self Service doesn't work when you are not in a vecinity of the school because it says the server could not be found.

  3. Thanks for the comment Jay. You should have access to the camera once you log back in on the school network which you should be able to do from any wireless access point. The Lightspeed app should allow you to do this whether you are in school or not.

  4. When I connected my iPad to my computer it is telling me that there is a new software update from apple? Is it okay for me to update my iPad or will that cause it to be locked out?

  5. Hi there just wondering why FaceTime was taken off the iPad?

  6. Hello, Mr. Larkin!

    I have a quick question for you. Are we (the students) allowed to sync the iPads to our home computers?

    Thank you!