Wednesday, August 17, 2011

iPad Rollout Continued - 400+ Gone (We're Almost Halfway There)

Burlington's Director of Instructional Technology Dennis Villano speaks with Kory from the Burlington Apple Store.
It has been an amazing few days at BHS as we have started the process of distributing over 1,000 iPads to our students.  It is such a wonderful experience to get students and their parents into the school together as we start this exciting journey together. Unfortunately in education, it is an uncommon occurrence for students, parents, and school staff to undertake something of this nature that is a shared learning experience.

We are glad that we have limited the numbers for each session so that we can give as much individual attention as possible to those in attendance and answer al of the questions that come up. Despite the fact that this will call for a great many more hours for our staff and students involved with the project,  we want to make clear from day one that we are committed to the highest level of support to our students and their families.

Mobilizing Our Network

As we move forward with this, we are excited about the opportunity for students and their families to learn about the power of networked learning with social media tools. In fact there are already examples of this happening as parents and students have used different tools to ask questions that have popped up during the first few days of deployment.

From the Burlington Educational Technology Team's Facebook Page -

From Twitter -

From The BHS Blog

Whether you use this blog's comment section, Facebook, Twitter or another social media resource we have tremendous power to increase our effectiveness by utilizing these tools to connect, question, share, and learn.  As more members of our community get used to employing these resources to learn about this project, they will see clearly how much smarter we make ourselves when we connect with others in areas of common interest.

We are so excited to share this learning experience with the parents and students of Burlington and others who are interested in what we are doing! It is going to be an amazing year!

You can see all of the posts related to our iPad initiative by clicking on the BHS iPad initiative tab at the top of this page.

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