Monday, August 1, 2011

iPad Distribution for 1,000+ Students - Here's The Plan (Registration Open)

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Our iPad distribution to students will commence during the week of August 15th. We have created a schedule that has options for students and parents to come in at various times from August 15-August 23. If you cannot make any of the scheduled times, stay tuned for more options as we get closer to our first day for students on September 7.

On the day of the event, please show up with your ticket receipt and proceed to the lower library for your iPad. Parents must accompany students when picking up their iPad. Also, students MUST have an iTunes Apple ID setup before arriving. Students and parents will have to commit at least one hour of setup time with the Burlington Tech Crew before leaving.  For more information on setting up an iTunes Apple ID visit this link.
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In addition, parents will need to decide whether or not be they will be getting insurance for the iPad to cover their responsibility in the event that the device is damaged, lost, stolen, etc. Here is the link to the insurance page for families to look at the options before their session. The insurance information cannot finalized until parents and students are on site and have the serial number for their iPad in hand.
Students will receive their iPad and a protective sleeve that is being provided through the efforts of the Burlington Chamber of Commerce. Other accessories (i.e. wireless keyboards, earphones, stands) will be purchased by individual users as they desire.

Please check back for updates and feel free to ask questions in the comments section of this post so that everyone can see the questions (and responses).

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  1. Hey this is Catherine Pouche,I'm not sure if you already answered this but are we going to have the option, has seniors, to buy the ipad when we leave?

  2. Hello ... quick question ... I have a freshman and sophomore attending BHS this year ... can I make one pick-up appointment for both with one parent in attendance?? Thanks!

  3. Hello... Is the 4 year insurance plan the way to go? Price for wireless keyboard?

  4. Hello..

    What does the insurance cover exactly? The link only gives the price.

    Also I thought that the iPad comes with apple's standard headphones..will the students be getting those?


  5. We currently have a family Apple ID account. Can we use this, or does my daughter need her own? And a year later, can two children in the family use the same Apple ID?