Sunday, July 3, 2011

My Favorite Heidi Hayes Jacobs Quotes From The ASCD Summer Conference

Heidi Hayes Jacobs - picture from ASCD
Having been a fan of Heidi Hayes Jacobs' work for as long as I have been in education, I took advantage of the opportunity to see her present at ASCD's Summer Conference in Boston yesterday.  Let me just say that I was not disappointed as she presented a session on "Mapping to the Core" and shared a number of insights on where she feels educators should be  in the year 2011in regards to their practice.

In addition, she shared a number of concrete examples in regards to building both curriculum and curriculum maps that will have a meaningful impact on improving teaching and learning. I am working on a more substantive post on the  topic of "Mapping to the Core" but in the meantime, here are my favorite Jacobs' quotes from the session:

My Favorite Heidi Hayes Jacobs' Quotes From The Session

"What materials and approaches do you use to work to the standards? What century are you in?"
"Do you meet by habit or to solve a problem?" 
"I will not work with a school that is using paper for (mapping and curriculum development)." 
"Paper is bad. Paper is over."
"Every textbook you have is dated. Look at curriculum that way...think of the word binder - bound - shackled."
"Standards are not curriculum." 
"Standards are not curriculum, they are proficiency targets." 
"Standards-driven schools don't work, mission-driven schools do."
 "Forty-percent of achievement test errors are reading errors. Every standard in the common core should have the word independently... Kids have to read the test items without you on testing day."
"Mapping is a verb. Having maps won't get you anywhere, using them will ...and they are never finished."
"The three most important questions (in revising curriculum): What do we cut? What do we keep? What do we create? 
"Curriculum mapping (today) allows for collaborating and sharing both locally and globally."  
"What are we doing with our assessment data now? Who works with it? Does it effect anything?"
"We need to meet more virtually. 95-percent of the preparation I do for presentations is done on-line. Why do we need to go to meetings."

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